Magnetic and Coders

Kinetic installation and audiovisual live performance
In Collaboration with Robert Schnüll & Dirk Erdmann

The installation and live performance „Magnetic and Coders“ messes with the viewer‘s perception of space and creates an immersive experience through the synergy of sculpting soundscapes. Stacked cubes construct and deconstruct the room continuously with kinetic movement and are enhanced by a projection mapping. A cinemascope projection surface accommodates further reactive visuals. The purpose of the project was to explore the connections, possibilities and beauty of material properties, technologies and sound.

The narrative of the produced visuals looks at different structures and substances from a microscopic perspective. All produced visuals are composed of a mix of processing sketches and video recordings of microscopic structures. The results document the interaction between code and physical phenomena.

Premiere at European Media Art Festival (EMAF Nightshift 2017-04-29) OsnabrückHalle, Germany
Mentioned on FazeMag and Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

Working Fields:

Co-Conception & Production / Visuals / Performance