20grad ● Interactive Lights

⟶ 20grad

„AALTO-Setup“ – January 2018, Kulturbunker Köln

„EXIT - Setup“ – May 2018, Skatehall Osnabrück

„Metrik-Setup“ – July 2018, Feel Festival, Brandenburg

Contemporary VJ software solutions inspire the Interface design. The order of individual areas runs horizontal to allow real-time control step by step. First, the user selects a sketch from the library. To preview a sketch, the user has to activate the field in the composition. If the field is active, it is possible to modify parameters like color, speed, size or position. As additional functionality, audio-reactive settings can be activated for live sound input. Four different screens serve as a simulation for preview and output viewports. By activating different layers, different images can be created and saved as composition. In the blending area, it is possible to fade composition in and out. All functionalities are accessable via the program window, as well as control via a midi controller.

„20grad“ (en: 20 degrees) is an ongoing independent audiovisual research project which explores the potentials of interactive lights and live performance at festivals, events and clubs. The purpose of experimenting with light is to use it as an abstract medium of storytelling to augment the dance experience and create unique temporary spaces.

The LED bars were designed as a lightweight modular plug-in system to create different sculptures and shapes. The wireless lights are connected with custom software developed in processing. All components were made in 3D print and laser-cut as well as custom designed electronics. With an individually built library of generative motion graphics, various light settings and continuously changing images can be created live.

Collaboration with Robert Schnüll
Support Dirk Erdmann, Fabian Henschen, Marcel Klobeck, Bela Schöning, Frederik Ueberschär, Beat Zander
Performances 2017-12-31 at Kulturbunker, Cologne, Germany
2018-03-31 at EXIT, Osnabrück, Germany
2018-07-06 at Feel Festival, Brandenburg, Germany