The installation series "20grad" explores the visualization of sound in temporary spaces. Light is used as a key design element to tell abstract stories as well as to construct and deconstruct spatial atmospheres. The lighting system is lightweight and modular designed to create different sculptures and shapes for a wide range of room conditions. Each LED element is individually controllable with real-time feedback by a custom interface developed in processing.

In Collaboration with Robert Schnüll & Dirk Erdmann


The "AALTO" setup takes up the phenomenon of light as a wave. The individual elements are arranged statically, while the light floats through the form in rhythm with the sound. The iconic spatial object consists of 28 lightning elements and is used as a backdrop in small to medium-sized event locations.


dimensions: 100 cm x 400 cm
28 light elements
event installation – backdrop


METRIK uses an abstract manner to take up the interactions of light, sound and form in correlation with processes in nature. The sculptural form reminds of luminous branches and grows through the ceiling of the room. The inconspicuous suspension favors the impression of floating light, which floods the entire room. Between chaos and order, coincidence and intention, a subtle form of meta-language are created which turns the space into an immersive dance experience.


dimensions: ~ 40 sq.m.
120 light elements
ceilling installation – festival, event

METRIK was shown during the Feel Festival 2018 at Bergheider See, Brandenburg


Light and sound, as we usually interpret them, are elements without gravity and mass. The represented iteration "GRAVITY" adds another layer by kinetics. The elements of light, sound and mechanical movement are placed in narrative relation to each other and go beyond the expected behaviour.
The setup includes six steles, each containing four rotating and emitting light elements. Through the continual interaction of intensity, rotation and speed, in combination with sound, a unique audiovisual composition is created.


dimensions: 200 cm x 1000 cm
24 light elements
motors, custom made steles and mechanics
kinetics audiovisual installation – exhibition – loop (12min)

GRAVITY was exhibited during the European Media Art Festival EMAF 2019 in Felix-Nussbaum-Haus and Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

Working Fields:

Co-Conception & Production / Interface / Visualization

Support by:

Fabian Henschen, Marcel Klobeck, Bela Schöning, Frederik Ueberschär, Beat Zander