Live Visuals

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Photo: Jemma Macdonald

Merging computer-generated images with field recordings and sound, Jannik strives to create abstract images that make the inexpressible sensually tangible. The focus of the performances is the unrepeatable moment. Every produced image is unique and transient at the same time. For him, it is not essential to represent specific images. He wants to transport feelings and inspirations to open different perspectives from all angles in the audience. The computer and the camera are the tools that he uses to explore the opportunities of creating images synchronizing with live music. His projections took place on single- and multiscreens, mappings on self-assembled artifacts or three-dimensional spatial installations in clubs and at festivals.

Jannik is also member and resident VJ of the Serum Collective. For recent collaborations and performances take a look at ⟶ information page