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Development process of visualisation

Trailerscope is a data visualization which compares trailers with movies and visualizing the relations that would normally stay hidden. Trailerscope examine the dna of trailers, visualize the results and make them accessible to people interested in movies.

the white circle in the center displays the trailer's timeline. It is divided into segments and represents the individual scenes. A line connects the trailer segments each with a segment on the outer circle, which displays the timeline of the movie. This visualise on which parts the trailer exists and where they are located in the movie.

Using a processing sketch, the data is read from a table and the visualization is generated automatically. The outer circle reflects the color of the film. The movie file is imported via tools of the command line and saves the current average color at regular intervals.

Year 2016
Collaboration with Tobias Düser
Linnea Helms
Carlos Niermeier
Mentoring Prof. Jakob Lehr
Exhibitions 2016-05-19, OpenHouse, Osnabrück, Germany