Serum 414 ● Light Installation

⟶ Serum 414

The light installation "Serum 414" belongs to the events of the Serum Music Collective. It serves as a central feature of the shows and creates a symbiosis between light and sound for the visitors. The form of the object is based on the logo of Serum Music.

The dimensions of this object are around 1100mm x 600mm x 200mm. It was made from wood plates and is closed with a polysterol plate which works as a diffuser of the light. Velcro fastener is used as sealant for the panel. Inside the object are 414 RGB LEDs with integrated controller chip of type WB2812B. With this chip it is possible to control every led on its own with an arduino. Those LEDs are placed on the frontside of the baseplate as well as on the inlines of the drop. Through the control of the individual LEDs, different modes can be used like strobe or floating light. The Serum 414 installation reacts in auto-sync mode on the current sound output of the DJs. As well the installation contains different functions which can be controlled via an external MIDI input device. The communication between the installation and the interface takes place via User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

Year 2015
Collaboration with Robert Schnüll
Support Christoph Haunhorst