Schall und Rauch

Schall und Rauch (en:sound and smoke) are not permanent but only a brief occurrence, which cannot be grasped or maintained. This phenomenon is comparable to the spreading of messages in social networks. This intrusive noise of information barely allows a rational reflection. The information is given by using the metaphor of „sound and smoke“ (as in „to be nothing but smoke and mirrors“). „Schall & Rauch“ is an interactive installation, which displays critical messages from social networks in physical space through the synergy of light, fog and sound thus making them influenceable. It is supposed to raise the recipient‘s awareness of the ephemerality of these supposedly false claims. With the help of gesture control through the Xbox Kinect and the Twitter API, recipients can perceive tweets of supposed „opinion makers“ actively dissolve in the fog. If a daily tweet disappears, a new one appears. The interaction is supported by auditory feedback.

Project documentation

Making of

In Collaboration with Carlos Niermeier & Linnea Helms, 2016