Campus League

Technological innovations have drastically changed communication behavior based on personal experience. It can be assumed that digital technologies are making real meetings less important. On the other hand, more and more flexible and spontaneous appointments are possible. The game "Campus League" is supposed to connect students playfully by establishing a contest.


A single ball is placed on every campus arousing the student´s curiosity. The balls resemble classic footbags. Playing with footbags or „Hacky-Sacks“ has come to be a trend over the past years and is especially popular among young people. In our case, the balls are much more significant in order to be noticeable and to not get lost easily. It does not matter whether the students play volleyball, football/soccer or any other kind of ball game. The priorities lie within the social aspect and the competition as an appeal. The ball can track and send different data from its surroundings. The competition is based on the individual playtime with each ball. Hence a score for each campus is given. Inspired by the Volleyball Wilson known from the movie „Cast Away“ each ball can communicate with its environment which encourages potential players, even more, to play with them. Additionally, the current location is transferred in order to inform the followers about the current venue. The accumulated data from the balls and different interfaces such as current weather data from OpenWeather are saved in a central database. This database provides the website and social media platforms with content. Additionally, the database contains predefined quotes that are sent to each platform after a reconciliation with the (locational) data thus enabling contextual reaction of the balls and their surroundings.


In Collaboration with Carlos Niermeier – 2014