Between Ourselves ● Data visualization

⟶ Between Ourselves

Opposites attract - this old saying is perhaps the best description of the the relationship between men and women. "Gender comparison" is one of the most popular topics in our time. Through the exploration of different types of data, differences as well as similarities are visualized. The insights from this research are presented in the form of generative posters or 3D printed lampshades. The data sets illuminate the areas of communication, culture, family and population.

#1 – Gender and Language on Facebook
Poster – Facebook messages in gender comparison. An examination of words in their connotation.

#2 – Keeping up with the Kardashians
Poster – communication behavior between men and women in the 12. season of the reality-soap "keeping up with the Kardashians" visualised with the "kimoji-pack".

#3 – DataMobilee
Lamp – splitting of parental leave by mom´s and dad´s between 2009 - 2014 in German states. The data is shown in form of a wooden "lightmobilee" for kids.

#4 – DataSculpture
Lampshade (3D printed) - allocation of musicians in the most popular orchestras in the world in relationship with the range of their instruments. The design has been inspired by the architecture of "Elbphilharmonie Hamburg".

Year 2017
In collaboration with Rebekka Gröne